A force for good. I promise to do my best, here is my pledge to you :)

What are you on about Kerry?

Good question, I hereby take responsibilty for where I source all materials for my products. I will do my best to ensure mother earth isn't harmed in the making of anything I produce. I feel strongly that plastic ain't fantastic, more like plastic free - yippee. For most of my products sold I donate a small portion to plant a tree. 

I also want to be more than just a small business, I'd like to use my influence (if I have any!) for good. I'd like to lend my voice to movements or causes that matter. I hope you can share my ethos. 

I therefore want to pledge that all my products are & will always be:

1) Plastic free

2) Made from recycled or sustainable sources

3) Supporting a message for good

4) Delivered by gnomes on unicorns

Just kidding on the last one hehe love Kerry, Paper Joy

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