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  1. The Creatives Guide to Surviving Christmas


    FULL DISCLOSURE: What myself and the folks below would like to say to you is this... no one really survives Christmas without a bit of stress. It's OK to feel abit overwhelmed. I hope these tips help you feel a little less manic, sometimes we're a shambles and sometimes we have our shit together (quid in the swear jar). Mainly we hope it gives you comfort to know you are not alone in the struggle to survive Christmas. 

    But for now, may I present you with...

    My Top 3 Tips for Surviving Christmas


    If you plan ahead and write everything down then it's out of your head and you can focus on more important things. Sometimes the stress can come from spinning too many plates, whilst walking a tight rope and simultaneously juggling fire sticks (a completely over exaggerated metaphor but you get the jist).

    To help you on your way I've been a really organised elf and designed these free printables for you:


    Christmas Card List Planner DOWNLOAD


    Christmas Gift List Planner DOWNLOAD


    Christmas Menu Planner DOWNLOAD


    If you're feeling a bit rough around the edges then get yourself a bottle of water and drink. It increases your energy levels and relieves fatigue, chug chug chug! OK so it can be a bit boring, even if you have some diluted fruit juice - just get some H2O down your neck.


    As adults sometimes we get so caught up in the stress of planning for Christmas that we forget what it's all about. If you know me you'll know I'm always quite excitable and whimisical (traits I'm not ashamed of) so I've put together a bucket list to help all of us enjoy the magic that is Christmas. Don't overthink it, you don't need to tick everything off...just act like a 5 year old every now and then to get that Christmas spirit recharged. 


    Christmas Bucket List Planner DOWNLOAD

    And if that didn't tickle your pickle...

    I'm lucky enough to be part of a community of lovely creative folk who can work tirelessly through Christmas. They are the Ninja Warriors of managing family time and all the stress that Christmas can bring. From small business owners to blogging heroes, I've collected some of their top tips:

    Emma from Modo Creative


    'Start early is our thing. The tree is purchased and erected on the first of December and we indulge in the whole month, we're watching Home Alone early December. It means that when things get really chaotic around the 3rd week of Dec we don't feel to be missing out because we've already done so much building up already'


    Kate from Kate Wimbush Jewellery


    'My key piece of advice is to plan. Write lists, have calendars, whatever works for you - one of my friends even does a time table on Excel which her family strictly adheres to (Seriously!!). I’m not that sophisticated, I write big ‘to do’ lists then download a daily or weekly planner (I hear Paper Joy does those!) and try to schedule in the essentials on the run up to Christmas, giving myself plenty of time for things to go wrong (therefore less pressure and panic) and also to give myself some time to actually enjoy all the exciting things on the run up to Christmas with the one person who it matters the most - Evie!!'


    Hannah from Make Do & Push


    'Try and get as much done in the weeks running up to December as you can. My daughter's birthday is 5 days before Christmas so it's always extra manic for us in December! I try to get my Christmas shopping completed by the first week of December so I can concentrate on wrapping, baking and Birthday prep!'


    Holly from Rocks Design


    'Pace yourself. Take each day as it comes, make yourself a hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys. Look after you. That's very important'


    Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    'The most important, yet rather dull, tip would be get organised. I have a spreadsheet with everyone that I need to buy for and what the budget is so I can put in what I've got. It may not be the most creative or fun tip but it helps me not run away with myself or stumble across a bag of presents I'd bought earlier and completely forgotten about'


    Kerry at Paper Joy UK

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  2. I'm just going to put it out there...if you don't love rainbows then we can't be friends. 


    I've been on a mission to find the best colourful Christmas Decorations available on Etsy UK. In my efforts I've scowered through tonnes of listings to bring you...


    The Ultimate Rainbow Christmas Decorations Guide 2017

    If you love Christmas, colour, rainbows and glitter then you've found the best place to be on the internet (in my humble opinion). Even better all the products on this list are sourced from handmade, independent shops. So if you like supporting small businesses and creativity then scroll down. 

    In no particular order:

    1) Merry & Bright Handmade Banner £25 from KittyPomPom 


    2) Crochet Christmas Stocking £22.50 from thisgeeklove


    3) Acorn Glitter Garland £18.90 from ChocolateBoxCottages


    4) Christmas Jumper Felt Decoration £2.99 from LoveKKGifts


    5) Rainbow Bauble Wreath £25 from MoonSixpence


    6) Unicorn Christmas Decoration £14 from MissSDesigns


    7) Retro Christmas Bauble Garland £10 from NerdThatDraws


    8) 4 x Rainbow Felt Ball Decorations £9 from Funkylittleraindrop


    9) Hand Painted Retro Ceramic Bauble £5.50 from GemEveTextileArtist


    10) Rainbow Tassel Garland £10 from TheIndigoZebra


    11) Rainbow Pom Pom Wreath £85 from woollyPOMPOMS


    12) Llama Felt Glitter Ornament £7.50 from TextilesByBecca


    13) Glitter Star Embroidery Hoops x 3 £14.99 from rachelandgeorge


    14) Decorate Your Own Tree Wall Sticker £10.50 from ChameleonWallArt


    15) Felt Star Garland £25 from littlenestbox


    16) Rainbow Yarn Baubles x 6 £25 from DevonSunYarns


    17) Sparkly Campervan Christmas Decoration £6 from KirstensLOVEFelts


    18) Hand Printed Wooden Fair Isle Decorations x 4 £10 from WoahTherePickle


    19) Mardi Gras Flamingo Christmas Wreath £20 from Libertygrace0


    20) Neon Wooden Christmas Ornament £8 from WeAreScamp 


    21) Yellow Crochet Christmas Tree £6 from ClareGetsCrafty 


    22) Floral Bow Ceramic Hand Painted Bauble £5 from BimblyNims


    23) Crochet Christmas Tree Tea Cosy £25 from LoopyAngCrochet


    24) Wooden Mistletoe Hand Painted Decoration £6.95 from InkPaintPaperUK


    A feast for the eyes right? If you know someone who'd love this guide then please share it with them. 

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    Kerry at Paper Joy UK

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